Pt. Reyes Farmstead

We are fortunate to be located in Northern California surrounded by so many exceptional artisan cheese producers. “Local” is a growing category for us. One that we hope to expand upon in the coming years. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese is one example of the caliber of quality products that are produced here in Northern California.

In Tomales Bay, the Giacomini family farm has been operating for more than 100 years.  They produce the very best quality milk in the area. In the year 2000 the Giacomini family strategically decided to re-focus the business into farmstead artisan cheese production. In August of 2000 they produced their first wheel of Original Blue! At that time, no one else was making table Blue Cheese in California. When Original Blue was introduced to the market sales immediately took off with gusto! They had found their niche. In the years that followed they would expand the line to feature such favorites as Toma and Bay Blue.

Point Reyes Farmstead – Pioneer in Sustainability

More than great cheese producers, Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company has been a pioneer in sustainable farming. Their commitment to sustainable agriculture inspires our local agricultural community and works to combat factory farming and improve animal welfare standards throughout California. They not only produce award winning cheeses but also work to promote healthy food and a healthy environment in the process.

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheeses are made with the highest quality milk, from cows that graze on fields kissed by the ocean air. Each cow is raised by hand and given the opportunity to interact with their surroundings as nature intended. This blend of environment and animal husbandry makes for exceptional tasting cheeses with very distinct flavors. We are pleased to offer the full line of Point Reyes Farmstead Cheeses. We encourage you to explore these products below.

2143  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


Original Blue Crumbles are great for topping salads, melting onto burgers and steak, or mixing into pasta or risotto. Wonderful taste and texture.

2/5 lb.

2173  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


Bay Blue is a mild, rustic-style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted caramel finish.

1/6 lb.

2142  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


California’s classic style blue cheese is rindless, all-natural and gluten-free. Flavor is bold with hints of sweet milk and a peppery finish.

1/6 lb.

2132  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


Semi-hard cheese, creamy in texture with a waxed rind. Buttery flavor with Grassy tang finish. The perfect any time snacking cheese.

1/10 lb.

2115  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


This cheese is milky white in color with blue-green veins throughout. Ultra-creamy texture with medium to strong punch of blue flavor.

16/6 oz.

  Pt. Reyes Farmstead

Pt. Reyes Farmstead

210073  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


16/6 oz.

210032  Pt. Reyes Farmstead


12/6 oz.