Ambriola Crema di Taleggio is a spreadable cream of taleggio. This spread is 100% authentic Taleggio cheese made by master Italian cheese makers. Ambriola Crema di Taleggio spread has the same unusual fruity tang you’ve come to love from authentic Italian Taleggio. Due to its strong aroma and mild flavor this cheese is the perfect compliment to any pasta dish. Serve with fruits, nuts, and crackers as part of a holiday party spread.

Top 3 Selling Points
1. Authenticity
2. Perfect for holiday parties
3. Easy to use, and re-use

Ambriola Crema di Taleggio

Auricchio uses only the freshest cream to produce this soft, creamy, spreadable Taleggio. You’ll appreciate its delicate, mild flavor and how quickly it blends with other ingredients. Perfect on pasta or melted into a risotto dish to give it a creamy, tangy flavor. Enjoy as a table cheese and serve with your favorite wine, crackers, and dried fruit. Ambriola Crema di Taleggio is perfect for entertaining this holiday season. So mild and flavorful it compliments other hors d’oeuvres nicely. And for entertaining, you can’t beat the convenience of the resealable container.

Auricchio is proud to be known as the best! For more than 100 years this family owned business has passed the tradition of cheese making down through the generations. Auricchio cheesemakers know without quality milk there is no chance of making quality cheese. To that end, they select the very best farms and source milk according to breed and milk characteristics. Today many of Auricchio cheeses are handmade in the authentic Italian tradition.

The Ambriola Company has been importing the most exquisite Italian cheeses since 1921. Ambriola works to bring you the best of what Italy has to offer. Other Italian imported cheeses include Locatelli, Ambriola Piccante, Giovanni Colombo, and of course a full section of Auricchio cheeses. To view our complete Ambriola selection click here.

Ambriola Crema Di Taleggio

MHD# 230057

Case Pack: 12/5.29 oz.