Fabrique Delices has been producing artisanal French-style Bay Area Charcuterie in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost 35 years. Products include all-natural pates, mousses, duck confit, magret, duck rillettes, boudins, sausages, truffle butter, macarons, cornichons, and more.

Perfect for the holidays and beyond, Fabrique’s line of charcuterie checks a few of the boxes consumers are looking for:

All Natural
Made the artisanal and traditional way according to authentic French recipes
Made using the finest ingredients
Minimally processed

Let’s review a few of the most popular products. These products sell well in the Bay Area during the holiday season.

Truffle Mousse

This pork-free product is made with creamy chicken livers, truffles, porcini mushrooms a, d is marinated in sherry wine. Topped with aspic, Truffle Mousse is fully cooked and ready to enjoy. Pair this Bay Area Charcuterie with a traditional French baguette. Recommended wine pairings include Merlot, Tawny Port Wine, Riesling, or any dry, sweet varietal.
Duck Mousse with Port

Made with fresh duck livers and chicken fat, this retail Mousse is marinated in port wine and topped with aspic. A Bay Area Charcuterie treat. Serve with a French baguette. Complimentary wine pairings include any wine made from Pinot Noir or Chardonnay grapes or Riesling.
Bay-Area-Charcuterie-Duck-Mousse-with-Port-Wine-Available-At-Mike-Hudson-DistributingOrganic Flatbread Crackers

Lightly flavored with olive oil and grey salt, these Non-GMO verified crackers have a subtle taste that will not overpower your toppings — pair with any of the Fabrique Delices Bay Area Charcuterie favorites, and other cured meats.

Pate + Crackers Snack Pack

The best of both, this snack pack is perfect for entertaining. Snack Pack features a seven-ounce Truffle Mousse and three ounces of Organic Flatbread Crackers. Perfect for your grab and go charcuterie offering this holiday season and beyond.
Bay-Area-Charcuterie-Pate-Crackers-Available-At-Mike-Hudson-DistributingWhether your customers are charcuterie connoisseurs, or developing interest in the category, Fabrique Delices products are loved by the connoisseurs without being intimidating to the beginners. Stock your shelves with select Bay Area Charcuterie products including, Fabrique Delices this holiday season, and educate your customers on usage, and pairing ideas.