Are you looking to find a food distributor? Is it necessary that your distributor is based in Northern California, be family owned and operated, or have decades of experience? Or perhaps you are more concerned with reliable service, product selection, or competitive pricing? Whether you are the owner of a small deli business or a buyer for an independent market, we have the products and service you need to grow your business.

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Based in Petaluma California Mike Hudson Distribution has been servicing the independent operators in Northern California for almost 50 years. We do not see ourselves as a company that merely moves boxes. We are a specialty food distributor with a full sales force dedicated to building relationships with you, the independent operator. How do we create mutually beneficial relationships? By providing you, the independent operator, with the products and services you need to be successful. We look at it this way – your success is our success!

One of the challenges facing our distribution business is finding ways to provide our customers with the product information they need. We have a team of experienced buyers who work closely with our sales team to not only find the products you need but also educate you on the specialty items we carry. Trends indicate an increased interest in Gluten Free options this year. Our buyers recognize this trend and respond by bringing in new Gluten Free products.

As a company, we are committed to bringing you more of the specialty items you need to be successful. We work with many local food manufacturers and will continue to grow our collection of local products. We also recognize the increasing need for organic and all-natural options. We work with many vendors who are converting to organic or all-natural products, and we also look to bring in more natural products in the coming year. If any of this sounds appealing enter your information below, and one of our dedicated sales reps will contact you.

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