Belton Farms Red Fox Cheese is an English-style cheese with unique characteristics. Belton Farms was established in 1922 by the Beckett family in Shropshire, England. Deep in the West Midlands of the stunning England countryside, Belton Farm’s cheesemakers produce award-winning handcrafted cheeses.

Cheesemakers use only the best locally sourced ingredients. Milk comes from local dairy farmers who pride themselves on the quality of their grass-fed dairy and the health and welfare of their cows. Salt is sourced from the historic local Cheshire Salt Mines.

The Beckett family recipe stretches back over three generations. While they continually stay grounded by heritage and rural surroundings, the Beckett family’s passion for cheesemaking propels them forward as they innovate and respond to consumers’ ever-changing palates.

Red Fox

Red Fox cheese is expertly crafted by hand. This cheese is a sophisticated blend of delightfully sweet, defined savory notes and complex nutty flavors. The cheese develops its signature flavor and an unmistakable texture through watchful aging.

It has a russet color and a wonderful rugged mouth feel with a cunningly unexpected crunch, which the cheese has developed over the aging process. With every bite, the flavor lingers and leaves you desiring more.

Top 3 Selling Points

1. Offers a new experience to cheese lovers looking for something different
2. Cheese is handcrafted at Belton Farms, where cheesemakers use a unique recipe developed over many years
3. Slowly matured, Red Fox Cheese develops a ‘crunch’ giving a secondary depth of flavor

Belton Farms Red Fox Cheese is now available in 7 oz. EW cuts, 8 to a case. To view more imported cheese options click here.

Red Fox  MHD# 305800

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