Cabot Creamery Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar is a sharp cheddar with bold and creamy flavors. Lactose-Free this cheese delivers northeast bite! Cheese is slightly crumbly, with a rich taste and well defined lush body. Inspired by the valley fields of Cabot family farms, this artisanal cheddar is aged to perfection. The sharp flavors of Cabot’s Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar linger in every bite. Available in a six-ounce bar, this Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar is part of Cabot’s Legacy Collection

Cabot Creamery Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar MHD# 181300

Cabot Creamery consists of 1,000 family farms, and together they have put together the Legacy Collection. Four distinct cheddar cheeses are featured, each with a different and unique taste. Perfect for slicing, or applying to your favorite recipe. Cabot Creamery Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar adds something special to even the most basic foods such as mac & cheese. Legacy pair perfectly with wines of different varietals.

Cabot Creamery is a Co-op for 1,000 family farms throughout New York and New England. All families in the Cabot Co-op are committed to making the best dairy products possible. Middlebury Vermont and Chateaugay New York are home to the creamery facilities where they make their award-winning cheeses. Cabot butter and Greek-style yogurt are made with care in West Springfield Massachusetts. All Cabot Creamery farms practice sustainable farming and have the highest standards of animal husbandry in the country. A happy and content dairy cow is the most productive. Cabot Creamery farmers do all that they can to ensure the health and well-being of their herds.

In conclusion, the Legacy Collection includes four cheddars three of which are available for order here at Mike Hudson Distributing. Cabot Creamery Farmhouse Reserve MHD# 181300, Cabot Creamery Alpine Cheddar MHD# 181301, and Cabot Creamery White Oak Cheddar MHD# 181302. Take a look at our complete collection of Cabot Creamery products here. We have a wide variety of different domestic cheeses, click here for more.