Coleman’s Hickory Smoked Bacon is made with 100% natural ingredients. Brown sugar, sea salt, celery powder, and water are added to antibiotic-free pork. This bacon has a hickory wood flavor with sweet undertones. No added nitrates or nitrites are used in the production of this product. Each slice of bacon is infused with smoky flavor, which intensifies as the fat is rendered down in the cooking process. Coleman’s Hickory Smoked Bacon has the great taste and a clean label you will be proud to share with your customers.

Federal regulations do not permit the use of hormones in raising pork. Then why mention it here and on the label? Well, first of all, some people are not aware that federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in raising hogs and poultry in the US, and the absence of stating “Hormone-Free” might leave the consumer wondering. But, perhaps the most significant reason for declaring compliance with this regulation is the history of Coleman Naturals. Coleman farmers strive to raise healthy and happy animals. The family farms Coleman sources poultry and pork from have never given hormones to their animals.

Top three selling points

1. No antibiotics or added hormones
2. Made with all-natural ingredients
3. Superior animal husbandry

Coleman’s Hickory Smoked Bacon MHD# 4394

Coleman Natural Farmers are certified by American Humane, a third-party animal welfare audit program that helps ensure the humane treatment of food animals raised in the United States. Coleman farmers are dedicated to caring for their animals. And while raising them, they say “NO’ to anything they believe isn’t right for the animal. Raising animals this way is more work and more expense for the farmer, but they believe it’s better for the animals and better for the planet. In the end, they find that animals who are cared for properly and raised the way nature intended will produce meat with better-quality protein content and flavor.

Coleman Natural Foods has been a pioneer in organic and antibiotic-free meats. A legacy of quality that stretches back to 1875. They work with family farmers throughout the country who share their conviction to providing families with premium meats and No Antibiotics Ever poultry and pork. To view our full selection of Coleman Natural products, click here. To view our full selection of Petaluma Poultry items, click here.