A dairy cooperative is a collection of dairy farmers who work together to bring milk and other dairy products to market. The dairy co-op is owned and controlled by all members of the co-op equally. Dairy producer members share in the profits and expenses of the co-op. Dairy cooperatives can range widely in size and function. While some dairy cooperatives provide support in the marketing and sale of milk, others like Cabot Creamery Co-op collect milk from each of its 800 family farms to produce and sell award-winning cheese nationwide.

100-Year-Old Dairy Cooperative

Ninety-four family farms founded the Cabot Creamery Cooperative in Vermont in 1919. Over the last 100 years, the co-op has grown to 800 farm families who all share in the responsibility of producing milk that they make into the Cabot Creamery retail and foodservice cheese we all know and love. The co-op employs 1,000 people across four plants and three states. All members work tirelessly to produce the highest quality milk, which is used to make Cabot’s nationally recognized cheese and dairy products.

Though anchored in a century of farming tradition, Cabot Cooperative looks to the future and adapts dairy products to ensure success for the next generation of farmers. This year they revitalized the dairy product line packaging, keeping with the familiar plaid patterns we’ve come to recognize from the brand. This change reflects their commitment to the future generations of co-op farmers.
As the dairy cheese line receives a facelift, the Cabot Cooperative award-winning legacy continues to grow as shown in the results of the 2019 US Championship Cheese Contest where, among many other awards, they took home gold medals for Extra Sharp Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, and Unsalted Butter.

We are proud to offer a full selection of Cabot Cooperative dairy products. Very few businesses that show such a strong commitment to sustainability, honesty, and family exist in this world. It is our honor to partner with them, and we hope that you find reasons here to support them as well.

Find our full selection of Cabot retail and foodservice products here, including Farmhouse Reserve Cheddar. Feel free to contact your sales rep or a member of our customer service team for pricing and available promotions.