Foodservice Whole Muscle Meats are a staple in any Delicatessen. We know this because we’ve been servicing delis in Northern California for almost 50 years.

Whether you’re running a small deli or working the deli counter at an Independent Market, you know it is the quality and flavor of the whole muscle meats you slice and serve that keep your customers happy and coming back for more. Not to mention the fact that sandwiches made with freshly sliced quality deli meats elevate your offering, and ensure repeat business from your customers.

Mike Hudson (the man) got his start distributing Columbus whole muscle meats out of the back of a van. Much has changed in 50 years. We no longer distribute out of vans, and we have expanded our offering to service more foodservice businesses in Northern California. Through all our growth, we have managed to stay true to our roots by continuing to offer the best selection of foodservice whole muscle meats for your deli business. Our collection includes:

Columbus Craft Meats – Columbus whole muscle meats provide more than a quality guarantee; the Columbus name offers your customers peace of mind. The name is synonymous with quality. When you have Columbus Craft Meats on your menu or in your deli case, you are offering a quality option that your customers will recognize and appreciate. To view our complete selection of Columbus Muscle Meats, click here.

Dietz and Watson – another name your customers will know. Made with no artificial ingredients, many of their whole muscle deli meats appeal to the health-conscious consumer. They offer a wide variety of healthy whole muscle meats, including meats low in sodium, and even a few organic options. To view our selection of Dietz and Watson Muscle Meats, click here.

Vienna Beef – It could be you’re not as familiar with Vienna Beef fully cooked whole muscle meats, but do not be quick to dismiss this as an option. For 125 years, Vienna Beef has worked to make a name as the number one hot dog brand in America. During that time, Vienna Beef has also perfected their recipe for Pastrami, Beef Brisket, and Corned Beef to be one of the best in the industry. To view our complete selection of Vienna Beef Muscle Meats, click here.

Evergood – Another name synonymous with sausage and hot dogs, Evergood, is one to consider if you’re looking to add another beef option to your menu or deli case. In one bite, you taste the years of development that has gone into perfecting the flavor profile of their Pastrami. Each Evergood muscle meat recipe has gone through repeat flavor and quality tests to ensure you get the best. If you have not tried the new formulated Roast Beef lately, it is a must-try. To view our selection of Evergood Muscle Meats, click here.

The Best Selection of Foodservice Whole Muscle Meats 

These manufacturers have two things in common. The first, a commitment to quality, and lastly, they all have at least 90 years of experience.

We feel our selection includes both deli favorites and new creations you can use to introduce new sandwich creation or spice up your deli case. As these manufacturers introduce more organic and Antibiotic Free options, we will be sure to add these meats to our offering and keep you updated on what items are new and trending. We invite you to explore our selection of Foodservice Whole Deli Meats here: