Here we’ve listed a few Football Entertaining Essentials. Keep these vendors in mind as you prepare for the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl.

These favorites and more are available here at Mike Hudson Distributing.

WingsLa Nova, Koch, Petaluma Poultry

MeatballsBurke, Hormel

Sauces for the Meatballs

Marinara – Stanislaus

BBQ – Kinders, Sioux Z Wow.

Sandwich rollsBoulart, La Brea, Raymond, Vie De France

Salami –

Pre-sliced – Busseto, Columbus

Party Packs – Busseto, Columbus

Cheese –

Party trays – Rumiano, Sonoma

ChipsKettle, Late July

Dips – Haigs

CrackersRustic, La Panzanella, Crunchmaster, Cowgirl Creamery, Heratige

PopcornComet Corn, Late July

OlivesRoland, Musco, Bel Marin, Giuliano