The Retail Snack category is booming! Consumers are looking for convenient, healthy, high protein snacks. We’ve responded to this need in our industry by offering more health-friendly, high protein snacks. Here are a few popular wholesale snacks for resale we carry that will sell.

Snyder Lance Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels #712706


From America’s favorite pretzel brand, we offer Snyder’s of Hanover Peanut Butter Pretzel Pieces. This five-ounce retail bag boasts five grams of protein per serving. The perfect combination of crunchy salty pretzels and sweet creamy peanut butter. According to Snyder’s of Hanover brand sensory testing, the peanut butter filled pretzel segment is growing faster than the pretzel category with +6% growth last year. These sweet and salty protein-packed snacks are sure to fly off your shelves this fall.

Columbus Craft Meats Charcuterie Salame Tray #108542

We are excited to carry the newest in a line of retail snack-size charcuterie trays offered by Columbus Craft Meats. This Italian Dry Salame Snack Tray includes San Francisco original dry salami, aged white cheddar cheese, and indulgent chocolate covered cranberries. Both the salami and cheddar cheese offer consumers protein sources, while the chocolate covered cranberries round out the snack by providing something to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Dietz Nuts – Landjaegar Bites #123071


Savory Dietz Nuts are sausage snack bites packed with the amount of protein they offer. Dried and cured to perfection, traditional Lanjaegar Sausage is made using the Dietz family recipe and then prepared and packaged in bites. Each retail bag includes 16 grams of protein per two-ounce serving. The sweet, smoky flavor will have your customers into thinking they’re eating meat candy.

Rumiano Organic Cheddar Bites #289434


Organic, Non-GMO, and 100% kid-approved, these cheese bites by Rumiano are a snack foods home run. Each cheddar cheese bite boasts 5 grams of protein. Individually wrapped for your convenience. Not only is this snack high in protein, but it also has 30% more Omega 3’s than ordinary cheese. So help yourself to a high protein snack and taste the goodness in every irresistible bite.

Sonoma Creamery Bacon Cheddar Crisps #710026


The best snack to hit grocery stores shelves in years. Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, Sonoma Creamery presents this protein and fiber-filled Bacon Cheddar Crisps snack. This crunchy real cheese snack is like a cracker. Made with Sonoma Creamery cheddar cheese and real applewood smoked bacon. Each serving boasts 10 grams of protein. Use as a cracker with cheese spreads or dips, or crumble over soups or salads. These retail snacks are so versatile and will add cheesy flavor and crunchy texture to any dish.

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