When putting together the perfect selection of holiday imported specialty cheeses, plan to include cheeses from a range of countries, different animal milk, and various textures to give your customers a wide variety from which to choose.

Our specialty cheese offering is comprehensive as we work closely with suppliers to bring you the best selection of imported specialty cheeses from around the world.

Take a close look at a few cheese wheels imported from Italy, Spain, and beyond. We hope you will find a great addition to your cheese case this holiday season.

Mila Stelvio DOP
Origin: Italy
Milk: Cow

This cheese is made using a traditional recipe and time-honored production methods. This cheese has a straw-colored interior flecked with small eyes. It has a nutty, buttery aromatic flavor, perfect for any occasion.

Don Juan Don Wine
Origin: Spain
Milk: Goat

Don Wine cheese is made with the finest goats milk in Southeastern Spain. This cheese soaks in rich and fragrant wine for up to 72 hours until a vibrant violet rind is formed and the floral undertones of the wine masterfully combine with the creaminess and tanginess of the goat cheese.

Mila Lagrein Weinkaese
Origin: Italy
Milk: Cow

This award-winning semi-soft Imported Specialty cheese is produced with cows milk from the high Venosta Valley in Italy. It is rubbed with herbs and then soaked in Lagrein wine. Finally, the cheese aged until it develops an unmistakable aromatic and intense taste that is an excellent addition to any cheeseboard.

Eiffel Tower Brie
Origin: Canada
Milk: Cow

This creamy cow’s milk delight is named after Brie, the historical region of northern France. It has a buttery, luxurious interior that is creamy and smooth. Brie is very versatile and has a mild flavor with an edible soft silky rind.

Sage Castello Blue
Origin: Denmark
Milk: Cow

This blue cheese is handmade using traditional methods and boasts a mild aroma and complex savory flavor. Its smooth and creamy texture is perfect for crumbling into salads drizzled with extra virgin olive oil or topping a burger.

Don Juan Manchego 6 Month DOP
Origin: Spain
Milk: Sheep

Don Juan Manchego is produced with the highest quality sheep milk. It has a floral aroma with a gentle, nutty flavor making this variety the mildest version of this Spanish classic.

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