La Brea Telera Sliced Rolls are hearth-baked to golden brown perfection. The flavor is extraordinary with mild notes of sourdough and a touch of sweetness. Ideal for any application these rolls are the perfect shape and size for sandwiches, tortas or hamburgers. Use rolls for your next sandwich or other deli creation. They are made using the highest quality ingredients. This product is non-GMO verified.

Perfect for deli, Telera Rolls are presliced and come 96 to a case. Individual rolls are frozen for your convenience, just thaw and serve or bake off as needed. No waste, this product is ideally suited for individual sandwich making. Also ideal for breakfast sandwiches. Once baked the golden brown outer crust is firm and crunchy while the center is soft and airy. Telera Rolls have a just-baked taste, look, and texture.

La Brea Telera Sliced Rolls MHD# 7435

La Brea Bakery continues its commitment to transitioning as many products to Non-GMO ingredients as possible. In fact, to date, over 90% of La Bread products have been converted to non-GMO and bear the non-GMO Project Verified seal. La Brea Telera Sliced Rolls are non-GMO Verified. This commitment to transparency speaks to your health-conscious consumer. Include this verification on your menu for an added selling point of difference.

La Brea Telera Sliced Rolls are perfect for any foodservice application. Need inspiration on how to use? On the La Brea Bakery website, you can find hundreds of recipes that will revive your menu throughout the year. During the summer months, consumers crave the smoky flavors of barbecue. Attract summer barbecue fans with this Seared Tri-Tip Slider on Telera Roll sandwich recipe. Telera, three-ounce rolls, are sold at Mike Hudson Distributing, 96 to a case. MHD# 7435. Contact your Mike Hudson Distributing sales rep for more information. To see all La Brea Bakery products we carry click here.