Belfiore Crema di Bufala is a specialty product offered by only a handful of producers in the US. Belfiore Cheese, based in Berkeley, CA, happens to be one we are proud to offer.

Crema Di Bufala is a burrata cheese made from the milk of Water Buffalo, raised locally in the Sacramento Valley. This cheese is handcrafted by Belfiore cheesemakers who prepare the outer shell of fresh Mozzarella curd using locally sourced premium cows milk. The Mozzarella is then formed into a purse shape and filled with the delicate Water Buffalo Cream. The purse is hand-tied and packaged for retail.

Point of Difference:

100% Natural
No additives or preservatives
Produced with Grade “A” r-BST free milk
Pasteurized locally produced fresh cream
Hand Crafted
Family-Owned Company for 33 years
Real California Cheese Seal Approved
Local Berkeley based company
Made with locally sourced Water Buffalo milk

How to Enjoy:

Burrata has a fantastic taste and brings a unique texture to any dish. Consumers can eat the two elements of the Burrata together or separately. The cow’s milk Mozzarella Cheese outer shell can be cut and enjoyed atop spring salad or pasta dish.

Enjoy the decadent Buffalo Cream inside the Mozzarella purse in several different ways. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, drizzle with olive oil and serve as a spread alongside crusty bread. Scoop a dollop onto roasted vegetables. And of course, burrata is always a favorite enjoyed with heirloom tomato slices.

Belfiore Buffalo milk cheese is an exceptional product. Promote the uniqueness and sparse selection of any product of its kind produced in California. When your customers enjoy Belfiore Crema di Bufala, they will taste the quality and care that Belfiore puts into their craft.

We are pleased to offer this local Buffalo Burrata retail wholesale product to our customers. To view this product and our full selection of Belfiore cheese, click the link here. To sample this product please contact your sales rep.