Made with 100% whole corn kernels, Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas offer superior performance and exceptional flavor. For over four generations Mi Rancho has used a unique old world recipe to craft their corn tortillas. It is a 12-hour process. Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas are made by cooking whole kernels of corn in a mixture of water and lime. The combination is then stone ground into fresh masa using hand-carved lava stones. Finally, the mixture is formed into rounds and baked to perfection. The result is a corn tortilla with a hearty texture and rich corn flavor. Whether you’re planning to serve as part of your breakfast, lunch or dinner menu, Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas performs well and tastes great.

MHD# 710000 Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas

Corn vs. Flour, it all comes down to preference and application. There are many benefits to eating corn tortillas. Compared to flour, corn tortillas are lower in calories, fat, carbohydrates and are generally higher in fiber. Therefore, if you have a high number of customers who are trying to eat healthier, this product may be an attractive alternative to flour tortillas. What’s more, Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas are naturally Gluten-Free. Corn tortillas will appeal to consumers looking to cut Gluten from their diets.

Did you know Mi Rancho has been operating in the Bay Area for nearly 80 years? Mi Rancho was the first Mexican grocery store in Oakland in 1939. The store was quite popular and would draw people from all over the bay area to purchase fresh hand-made tortillas. In 1954 Manuel and Robert Berber purchased Mi Rancho and began supplying tortillas and chips to local restaurants. From there the business went global, and today Mi Rancho produces over 4.5 million tortillas a day. So, that’s roughly 1.3 billion tortillas each year!

Mi Rancho Corn Tortillas are available at Mike Hudson Distributing both in retail and foodservice pack sizes. MHD item 710000 is packaged to suit the needs of your foodservice business. Mi Ranco Corn Tortillas have a 35-day shelf life. Find our full selection of Mi Rancho products here. If you would like more information or pricing on this item, please contact your MHD sales rep.

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