Mifroma Original Fondue is made from a blend of cheeses including Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, Gruyere AOP, and Emmentaler AOP. Mifroma Fondue cheese melts to a perfectly creamy texture and is so easy to prepare. Pour the contents of the Fondue pouch into a fondue pot or heat-safe container and apply heat until cheese is completely melted. This fondue cheese is known for its unique flavor and boasts hints of French wine and spices.

Mifroma Original Fondue MHD# 3525

Fondue is a social food and perfect for any gathering or romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Serve with crusty artisan bread or fresh-cut vegetables as the perfect small meal or appetizer. Fondue means “Melted” in French. If you’ve ever been to France, you know that the French view dining as an experience, one that should be enjoyed with friends and loved ones. Make every meal a special occasion with Mifroma Fondue. Mifroma Original Fondue 14 oz., MHD number 3525 is available now at Mike Hudson Distributing, pack size 10.