Principe’s ever-growing portfolio of products includes various agings of Prosciutto di San Daniele, Prosciutto di Parma and Prosciutto Italiano; an ample selection of cooked and roasted hams, and many other authentic regional Italian deli meat.

Principe not only imposes higher restrictive standards on its products than most regulatory boards but also demands direct control over every step in the production process, from the development of free-range, natural farms to in house deboning and curing. This meticulous quest for perfection and constant innovation allows for dependable, consistent top quality products and an exclusive completely closed food safety system.

Now, in addition to Principe’s full line of Italian deli meats, they offer retail sliced deli meats. All of these retail items are antibiotic-free and uncured. Uncured means they do not utilize nitrites or nitrates in the curing process; they use natural celery salt.

The following Principe Retail Line items are made in Italy, which offers a unique point of difference for the deli wall.

Dry Salami is hand-tied and slowly fermented. This Salami is a real Roman style treat made in a natural casing with red wine and both white and black pepper.

Genova Salami boasts light and clean flavors. The fine ground pork salami has subtle hints of coriander, garlic, and white pepper.

Soppressata has a mild yet savory flavor. Made from traditional sausage grind and mixed with sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Fennel Salami has a gentle fennel flavor at the start, and sweet anise finish. It is made with traditional sausage, black pepper, Calabrian fennel seeds, and anise oil.

These four items are made in the United States.

Hot Soppressata is pepperoni’s spicy little cousin. It is made with paprika, crushed red pepper, fennel seed, and anise oil.

Chorizo has a robust, full-bodied taste from Principe’s unique blends of dark and light smoked paprikas, oregano, and garlic. It offers the perfect Spanish flair!

Pepperoni is made with finely ground pork combined with dark paprika, garlic, ground fennel seeds, and cayenne pepper, which gives this handmade product a slight bite at the end.

Pancetta is ready to eat or great for cooking. Made with juniper berries, bay leaf, ground fennel, and black pepper, it has a delicate sweetness and delicious melt in your mouth texture. This product is unique because it is slightly cooked, making it a food-safe product. Most other brands are raw, cured pancetta, which must be cooked before consuming.

Each package is three ounces and comes in a case of twelve. We are your exclusive Principe supply chain. Ask your MHD sales rep about first-time orders and promotional offerings! To view the Principe Retail Line, visit our page here.