It’s no secret that at La Brea Bakery, they take bread very seriously. Building on standard baking techniques, their bakers spend a lot of time and energy perfecting every loaf, and they pride themselves on their unique sourdough starter.

We’re thrilled to announce Food Network recently featured La Brea Bakery as one of the Best Bakeries in America.

The Food Network team applauded La Brea Bakery for incorporating unique ingredients including heirloom grains, Spelt flour, and Fortuna wheat in their bread as well as the versatile options on the lunch and newly introduced dinner menu at their flagship café on La Brea Ave.

Click here to view our entire available line of La Brea Bakery artisan bread.  Among our favorites and unique to the La Brea Bakery line of baked goods the Raisin Pecan loaf, slightly sweet packed full of pecans and raisins. The additional whole wheat and rye flour yield a darker interior and full flavor.

Fun Facts

In a blind taste test in 1991, La Brea Bakery won “Best French Bread.”

In 1992, they opened a larger bakery in central Los Angeles. The bakery catered to the stores’ and restaurants’ growing demand for bread and pastries from Santa Barbara to San Clemente.

In 1997, the San Francisco Chronicle conducted a taste test where La Brea Bakery’s par-baked Sourdough Baguette won the competition, beating out local sourdough bread makers and surprised San Francisco residents.

In 1999, La Brea Bakery Café opened its doors at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California, serving thousands of guests from all around the world.

In 2001 the Washington Post awarded La Brea Bakery’s Sourdough Baguette with first place in their artisan bread round-up.

In 2003, Opera Winfrey featured La Brea Bakery’s Granola on her talk show as one of “Opera’s Favorite Things for Spring.”

Yet again in 2006, Bon Appetit names La Brea Bakery’s Rye Loaf the winner with five stars in a taste test of European-style rye bread

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