Organic Chocatal Ground Coffee is a unique blend of medium roasted Arabica coffee and organic cocoa nibs. The organic cocoa nibs emulate the natural taste of chocolate. Cocoa nibs are a nice compliment to Jeremiah’s Pick coffee beans as they have similar notes of chocolate, fruit, and nuts. Cocoa nibs are not as sweet as chocolate and come with more health benefits. You will love the rich, full flavor of this unique variety.

Organic Chocatal Ground Coffee 6669

It was Jeremiah’s love for coffee that ultimately led him to start Jeremiah’s Pick in 1993. One factor that contributes to the uniqueness of Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee is their custom roasting process. The roaster was constructed in Brazil and built under strict European engineering and design standards. The roasters custom design ensures the beans can maintain details of color while also stabilizing roasting temperatures. After the roasting process, the organic coffee beans are the right roast and the right taste, every time. In 2007 Jeremiah introduced a new precision coffee grinder to his production methods. The precision coffee grinder is refrigerated to ensure heat does not affect the flavor and aroma of Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee.

Jeremiah insists on working with socially and environmentally responsible family farms and cooperatives. The Jeremiah team visits the farms regularly and other the years has established long-term relationships with the farmers. Each of the family farms has a deep-rooted commitment to land preservation and human rights. Currently, Jeremiah insists on working exclusively with farmers who have shown consistent quality and proven integrity.

Local. Jeremiah’s Pick calls San Francisco home. Jeremiah started this business with the mission to provide the most excellent coffees to restaurants, and natural food stores in the Bay Area and beyond. While the brand has seen significant growth over the years, Jeremiah has managed to stay true to his San Francisco roots and succeeded in making Jeremiah’s Pick Coffee a Bay Area favorite. Organic Chocatal Ground Coffee, MHD# 6669 is available at Mike Hudson Distributing. Pack Size 6/10 oz.