When it comes to packaging R3 Papercraft has got you covered. With so many choices, it’s hard to know which options will work best for your business. Let’s examine two options that could work as a hot or cold to-go container.

Made from 100% recycled paper, Bio Plus Earth Food Containers are an earth-friendly responsible choice. The outside natural kraft color speaks to the environmentally-conscious consumer, while the size and shape speak to the practicality and function of the product. All Bio Plus containers are leak-resistant and can hold any hot, cold, dry, or wet foods.

Packaging Solutions Two Sizes:


MHD# 8222
8x5x2.5 holds up to 26 ounces.


MHD# 8223
7.75×5.5×3.5 hold up to 49 ounces.


If you’re in the market for packaging solutions for our hot food bar or salad bar business, we have the packaging that will meet your needs. Please find our full selection of R3 Papercraft Packaging solutions here.