Mike Hudson Distributing is your Accompaniments Distributor. Hand selected by our team of experienced buyers, this category features a wide range of specialty products from all around the world. At Mike Hudson Distributing we are very selective in the products we carry. We make our product selections according to industry trends, and customer needs. At the end of a predetermined grace period, we evaluate how well each product has sold. This evaluation helps us determine whether or not the product is right for our niche market of independent retailers in Northern California. It also keeps our selection of accompaniments fresh and current.

Your Accompaniments Distributor

We offer our line of specialty accompaniments to you as a compliment to all other categories. These products are hand-picked to support our cheese/dairy and protein categories. Imagine stuffed olives served alongside piles of prosciutto, or fig jam spread shown next to artisan cheeses. Our offering of specialty foods would not be complete without this unique selection of products.

DO WE CARRY?Yes we do...

We offer several different types of premium pesto for food service applications. Here identify four different pesto sauces perfectly suited to meet the needs of your food service business. 

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