When it comes to selecting the right protein for your deli, market, or restaurant quality is often the most important factor. At Mike Hudson Distributing our primary goal is to offer you a selection of beef and other protein products that work well for your business. Our dedicated protein buyer insists on working with outstanding brands with solid reputations. Brands like Dietz & Watson, Brookwood Farms, and Fontanini. These brands have one thing in common, they do not compromise when it comes to quality standards. Whether you’re looking to slice Roast Beef splits for sandwiches, or barbecue a whole Tri Tip, we have what you need.

Quality Beef Selection

You will find that many of our muscle meats are made from USDA Choice. What does that mean exactly? USDA Choice is the second highest graded beef. It has less fat marbling than Prime. Which means you can be confident that the meat you serve your customers is quality. Take a look at our selection and discover what we can do to help satisfy your needs.