Consumer interest in breads and tortillas has grown in recent years due to the rise in people affected by the Celiac disease. One of the major trends to emerge in 2017 was the popularity of Gluten Free. In response many of our bread vendors are coming forward with new Gluten Free options. In addition, we are seeing an increased interest in the corn tortillas. The key selling point for both bread and tortillas is in the quality ingredients and a clean manufacturing process. Our selection of artisan breads and tortillas includes a wide range of both organic, and Gluten Free options.

Our Selection of Breads and Tortillas

Our experienced buyers are constantly on the look for new and interesting bread and tortillas products to add to our offering. We work with several national and local bread and tortilla manufacturers who understand the importance of health, and quality. Our selection includes everything from pre-sliced breads for sandwiches, to thaw and serve baguettes.

Our Breads/Tortillas Brands