We round out our Cheese/Dairy offering with butter, milk, and eggs. When it comes to dairy, quality is everything. To determine the quality of the milk, you must first turn to the cow, goat or sheep who produced it. The same is true of eggs, the quality comes from the chicken. Generally speaking, we try to support vendors who show a commitment to humane treatment of animals. We also know that our customers in Northern California are concerned with animal feed, GMOs, animal welfare and sustainable and responsible farming. We take all this into account when bringing on a new line of butter, milk or egg products.

Quality Dairy Everyday

The quality butter, milk, and egg products that we include in our offering can elevate your menu or dairy department selection. Whether you are looking for an organic creamer, butter made from milk from grass-fed cows, or free-range eggs, we have the products you need to grow your business.

Our Butter/Milk/Eggs Brands