Imported Cheese

What cheese program would be complete without it? Our selection tells a story of the origins of cheese and the heritage of the cheese making process. Cheese can transport you to another place and time. Authentic, quality imported cheese can also elevate any dish or specialty cheese department. The cheeses you choose to dish up, whether on your menu or in your cheese department speak to your customers and communicate thoughtfulness. Our dedicated specialty cheese buyer hand picks each cheese to fill a need within our cheese offering. We work with several food importers and cheese brokerages to ensure our program includes the selection of quality imported cheeses you need to grow your business.

Imported Cheese – Why So Special?

The health of our cheese program is rooted in the diversity of our imported cheese selection. Our selection is quite extensive and includes such favorites as Gourmino Emmentaler from Switzerland, and Grana Padano Parmesan from Italy. Take a closer look at our line of specialty cheeses.

Our Imported Cheese Brands