We are your Wholesale Poultry Distributor in the North Bay. Our poultry category includes a wide variety of quality products from reputable brands. You will not find a more extensive selection of local, Northern California-raised chicken or turkey anywhere. We work closely with brand names such as Petaluma Poultry to bring you the products you associate with local quality. From Sonoma County and beyond, our dedicated protein buyer continuously seeks new brands that will offer something different and elevate our product offering. Products that do not meet the high standards of our Northern California customers are sure to be cut from our offering and replaced with compliant and responsible brands.
Your Wholesale Poultry Distributor
Of all the proteins we offer, poultry has had the quickest response to consumer push for organic, free-range, and elevated standards in animal husbandry. As more farmers convert their farms to organic, animal conditions are improving. As a result, we carry several brands that offer all-natural or organic and free-range.