Sliced Meats

What deli would be complete without prepackaged sliced meats? In recent years the packaging of sliced deli meats has gotten a lot better with most now featuring a peek-a-boo window. This allows consumers to view the selection of fresh, prepackaged deli meats before they purchase, which has increased sales of pre-packaged deli meats. Sliced meats are used to make sandwiches, for grab-n-go snacks and sometimes used in the creation of charcuterie boards. Our deli meat manufacturers have worked to greatly improve on the packaging making these products stand out on the deli case wall. Brands that have always offered only muscle meats are now expanding their offering to include prepackaged, retail sliced deli meats.

Sliced Meats for All

Columbus, Dietz & Watson, even specialty brand such as Fra’Mani and Principe are all getting in the retail game. Retail sliced meats appeal to a specific customer. Having a wide range of quality sliced deli meats available for purchase in your deli will give your customers choices. Sliced deli meats are not positioned to replace fresh sliced deli meats, but instead, complement them and round out your deli offering.