Summer is here! When the weather turns warm consumers head outside. And before they do they fill their picnic baskets, coolers, hiking packs with food. We all know quick and easy to consume grab-and-go items sell well in the summer months. But this year consumers are showing a particular interest in artisan options. Quality charcuterie is an artisan option that offers consumers the added value of convenience for quick snacking and easy entertaining.

In the specialty food industry, we cater to the educated, active, health-conscious consumer. They are typically concerned with things like quality, convenience, as well as food ingredients and manufacturing. To this healthy consumer, a protein-based snack like salami might be the perfect grab-and-go item. Add cheese and a few gluten-free crackers, and you’ve got yourself a grab-and-go meal perfect for any summer outing.

Quality Charcuterie for On-The-Go Consumers

Artisan charcuterie manufacturers like Busseto Foods are now coming to market with charcuterie options containing sliced salami and cheese. This meat and cheese retail item does not have the added benefit of being shelf stable but does offer a quick meal solution. Just pair California Snackin’ Italian Dry, Pepper Coated, Mozzarella and Provolone party pack with a baguette and coarse ground mustard, and you have the fixings of a great sandwich spread or charcuterie board. Or if enjoying with wine, pair with fresh fruit, and artisan crackers.


Another ready to go artisan meats snack that includes Prosciutto, Coppa, Italian Dry Salami, and Pepper Coated Salami is Busseto antipasto pack. One of Busseto’s most popular items, it is excellent for entertaining or enjoying with a group at a winery or trailhead. As we mentioned, our consumers are looking for specialty snacking items. Busetto’s Antipasto Classico Tray offers the quality charcuterie and high protein benefits your consumer is looking for this summer.


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