As the stay-at-home-order begins to lift, and restrictions to businesses are modified to allow for dine-in customers many eateries, including restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, delis, brewpubs, and even some in-grocery store eateries, will be looking to comply with new guidelines to reopen dine-in eatery quickly. Find California Guidelines here.

Products That Will Help You Comply With Reopening Guidelines

Based on our current product selection, here’s a list of products that meet the new guidelines set for dine-in eateries. We hope this list will make it easier for you to identify what we carry that you might need to reopen quickly.

Safety of Patrons
Hand Sanitizer

Clean Environment
Cleaning Supplies
Trash Bags
Dishwasher Soap
Cleaning Tools

Paper Napkins
Plastic Cutlery
Cutlery Packages
Single-Serve Salt & Pepper
Individually Wrapped Mint Toothpicks
Single-Serve Containers for Dressings or Condiments
Takeout Containers – Food & Drink
To-Go Bags

Takeout & Delivery
Takeout Containers – Food & Drink
Spice Packets
Dressing & Sauce Packets
Takeout Bags
Drink Carriers

Special Order
Jelly, BBQ Sauce, Dijon Mustard packets
Bib Aprons with or without pencil pocket

The items listed here are high volume items. We are currently building our inventory to meet the need of these essential items.

Understand that while we do so, shorts may occur. If you are shorted, please know that we have products on order and will work to fulfill your order as soon as products are received and available to ship. Our sales team will work with you to identify the items you need and what you can expect when placing orders for these items.

We will continue to watch for updates to industry and public health guidelines for restaurants reopening and monitor the needs of our customers to adapt our product offering. If you have any questions, please reach out to your sales representative or call our customer service department.