Sonoma Creamery Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bars are savory, crunchy snack bars made from real cheese and simple ingredients. Sonoma Creamery Crisp Bars are certified Gluten-Free and come in three flavors, Parmesan Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, and Everything Cheddar Cheese. What gives the bars that crunch? First cheese made from rBST free milk completely free of artificial hormones is combined with certified Gluten-Free ancient grains. The quinoa, organic oat bran, organic brown rice, and cheese are formed into bars and baked (never fried) to perfection.

Sonoma Creamery Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bars MHD# 710037

Perfect for your active and health conscious consumer Sonoma Creamery Crisp Bars are baked, never fried and are naturally lactose-free. Wholesome, and crunchy this low carb snack is high in protein, and gluten-free. A great alternative to snack bars made with sugar, whey protein and hard to pronounce ingredients. Take this savory snack with you on the go to work, school, the gym, sporting events, hiking, camping, etc. No refrigeration required.

Sonoma Creamery has been part of the local agricultural landscape in Sonoma County since the early 1930’s. In the middle of the Great Depression, there was a belief in a simple concept – use the best milk to produce quality cheese. Today at Sonoma Creamery, more than 85 years later cheese is made the same way. In the last few years, Sonoma Creamery has expanded their line of cheese to healthy shelf-stable snacks. These Gluten-Free, on the go crunchy real cheese snacks, are perfect for dipping, topping or snacking.

Each 2-bar package has 7-8 grams of Protein, NO sugar, 4-7 net carbs and 110-120 calories. We offer three varieties of Crisp Bars – Parmesan Cheese Crisp Bar MHD# 710035, Pepper Jack Cheese Crisp Bar MHD# 710036 and Everything Cheddar Cheese Crisp Bar 710037. Available in Case Pack 4/12. Each bar is 0.74 oz. For more Sonoma Creamery products click here. To view, all our cracker producers click here.