Vienna Beef Turkey Breast Pastrami is a lighter, heart-healthy alternative to traditional beef pastrami. Made from rack cooked, hickory-smoked white breast turkey halves and seasoned with classic New York-style pastrami rub. Beef Pastrami is a popular deli favorite, but we are finding more and more customers are looking for healthy alternatives to beef. Vienna’s Turkey Breast Pastrami offers your customers a lighter, leaner option to beef pastrami. Turkey Breast Pastrami is excellent hot or cold, sliced, or diced.

Vienna Beef Turkey Breast Pastrami 1621

Like all Vienna Beef products, Vienna Beef Turkey Breast Pastrami is made using premium, quality ingredients. Vienna Beef has been in the meat business for over 125 years. During that time, they have grown their line of products to include authentic Chicago style hot dogs, deli meats, condiments, pickles, soups, and chilis.

The Vienna Beef line of deli meats is made from premium cuts. Hand trimmed, each product is lean and full of flavor. Meats are seasoned with traditional spices and then cooked using a combination of curing and smoking. Vienna Beef Deli Meats come in a variety of sizes to suit your foodservice needs.

Vienna Beef deli meats are perfect for slicing fresh for deli sandwiches, and this Turkey Breast Pastrami is no exception. If you’re looking for lean, heart-healthy options to add to your menu, consider the full of flavor Vienna Beef Turkey Breast Pastrami. Your health-conscious customers will thank you! Vienna Beef Turkey Breast Pastrami, MHD# 1621, is available at Mike Hudson Distributing. Pack Size 2/4 lb.

From now until April 1st, this Turkey Breast Pastrami is on sale: $1.25 off per pound. Such a great deal! Place an order with your MHD sales rep today!